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Vintage UNIX computers/servers for SALE-auction

Hello !
Vintage workstations and servers for sale/auction in Slovenia, Europe. Below is the list of hardware, if you are interested, please read the details regarding the sale terms at the end of the list. For anything else you wish to know, please direct all questions regarding equipment to E-mail and not to the mailing list.
3 x HP 712 1 x Switch Hubstack JEHI-24 1 x Power Macintosh 7500/100 2 x SUN Sparcstation 4 1 x HP 9000 PC-308 (XT) 1 x Digital DEC 3000 1 x HP Terminal (monitor) 700/96 1 x Digital DEC 2000 1 x HP 9000 E35
STATUS OF THE EQUIPMENT : Equipment is being sold AS IS, meaning there is no facility to test it ! Computers should be in a working condition, some were even used by me personally, but consider them being sold as a DEFECT, due to its age, limited skills and lack of my time to exclude warranty terms. I am able and willing to provide the photos of the exterior, but please don't ask me to open up the machines to photograph the interior or components, boot up the OS, test the condition etc. I can provide exact model and serial number if that will be helpfull to you. Some computers come with the original hard drive inside and some don't.
AUCTION: You are welcome to bid prices for this equipment. To limit the sale to serious bidders, I will only consider bids above 100 EUR per computer, if there are more bids for the same computer I will consider the highest offer. I haven't placed the equipment on EBAY at this time, because that would make me obligated to ship the computers even with a 1 EUR bidding win price and that would just mean too much work and no pay for me.
PAYMENT: I am able to accept bank wire as a preferred method, cash or cheque, cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin but I am unhappy to accept Paypal due to its refundment policy which always sticks with the buyer.
SHIPPING: I would prefer if you can do local pickup, however that might not be possible for people who don't live near Slovenia. I am willing to ship the equipment by mail, but be advised that Slovenia foreign parcel shipping is very expenssive so it wouldn't cost less than 80 EUR to ship the computer across Europe, due to its weight and dimensions. Shipping outside Europe would probably even double the amount, but if you are a serious collector I will also consider that option if you are willing to pay for shipping. I might have the accessories for computers - keyboards, cabling ... but consider the workstations being sold without that, as shipping the workstation + keyboard can be a problem, due to different dimensions and it would need to be packaged into two separate packages, therefore doubling the shipping costs aswell.
ADDITIONALS: Keep in mind that bids below 100 EUR would just mean too much work for me to organise the shipment so I would rather not deal with it. I hope that the computers can find a new home with some other collector. For anything else you wish to know, please direct all questions regarding equipment to E-mail and not to the mailing list.
I wish you all a happy bidding !
Kind regards, Jan
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Sun SPARCstation IPX finally back to life, booting Linux ...

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