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CoolWallet S Integrates with ShapeShift to Give Users Trading Capabilities

We're announcing today that we've has added ShapeShift to our cold storage hardware wallet, the CoolWallet S, to bring unmatched security and mobility to cryptocurrency trading. This integration allows instant cryptocurrency trading for the first time on a mobile hardware wallet made for iPhone and Android.
The CoolWallet S is a mobile bitcoin and altcoin cold storage wallet that provides extremely quick and simplified way for users to access, exchange, and manage bitcoins directly from smartphones. The wallet is highly portable, both wireless and comparable to the size of a credit card. It is made for iOS -- including the iPhone, and the iPad -- and any Android device. The CoolWallet S offers offline private key cold storage, cryptocurrency exchange capabilities, and free over-the-air updates for future coin, token, ICO, or exchange support. Featuring AES256 cryptographic bluetooth pairing, a mobile operating environment, and 2+1 Factor Authentication, the CoolWallet S provides even more security than any other USB hardware wallet available on the market today.
Partnering with ShapeShift is the first of many trading tools to be integrated on the CoolWallet S directly. The CoolWallet S will secure all trades natively on their cold storage solutions to protect users from malicious third-party monitoring and hackers. More importantly, this integration will enable CoolWallet S users to trade their cryptocurrencies quickly and anonymously on either their iPhones or Android smartphones.
ShapeShift Integration: Phase I of Strategic CoolWallet S Trading Functions
The CoolWallet S will soon launch a series of new tools that will allow all users to transfer any ERC20 token into bitcoin or any major altcoin, or vice-versa. ShapeShift is the first integration that will bring major currency trading to the wallet.
Meanwhile, we are soon releasing a powerful functions that will allow users to add any ERC20 token to the wallet and then exchange their ERC20 tokens into Ethereum. All of these tools will offer a seamless experience exchanging any currency into another, while giving users end-to-end ultra-secure control over their entire crypto portfolio.
As cryptocurrency usage and trading quickly moves towards mobile-first audience, the CoolWallet S is perfectly positioned to give users what has been hitherto missing from the industry: safe and convenient trading.
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The Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets (2019 Edition)

This is a comprehensive guide on what we believe are currently the best wallets to store your Bitcoins safely and securely. There are both online (hot) and offline (cold) wallets but we advise users to choose offline wallets as they offer better protection overall to your private key. Offline cryptocurrency wallets include hardware wallets such as Ledger series wallets, Trezor, KeepKey and paper wallets too. Despite the safety that hardware wallets offer, users are tasked with keeping their private keys offline themselves which limits trading the BTC held in the wallet.
This article is for investors that wish to HODL their bitcoins and we’ll explore some of the best hardware wallets in the cryptocurrency market today. We dwell deeper into the features of these cryptocurrency hardware wallets, focusing on their advantages and disadvantages.

What to know before buying a bitcoin hardware wallet

  1. Security – Hardware wallets are known as the best and most secure cryptocurrency wallets in the world. However, some hardware wallets offer better security properties than others.
  2. Credibility – Before putting your coins in any wallet you should check the credibility of the wallet if it is a scam or not. Investors have lost money due to fake hardware cryptocurrency wallets and you don’t want to be one of them.
  3. Price – Hardware wallets come at different prices, some far more expensive than others. These however have better features than the cheaper ones.
  4. Reputation – It is important for one to go through several reviews to ascertain where it stands amongst other users in the community, just to be sure about what they’re committing themselves to.
  5. Coin support – Hardware wallets allow storage of a number of coins but not all of them, make sure your selected cryptocurrency wallet supports Bitcoin.

The 5 best Bitcoin hardware wallets

1. Ledger Nano S

The Ledger Nano S hardware wallet
The Ledger Nano S is one of the most popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets today. The small USB-shaped like device comes with a screen to allow selection of coins. The Ledger, as it is popularly known as, offers a safe and secure option to key in your passphrase through the screen avoiding any online contact. The wallet supports Bitcoin, ETH, DASH, and other ERC20 tokens.

Key features of Ledger Nano S

Disadvantages of Ledger Nano S

(All images from Ledger official website)

2. Trezor cryptocurrency wallet

Trezor hardware wallet (Image: Trezor)
Trezor cryptocurrency wallet is widely regarded as one of the safest hardware wallets in the world. The wallet authenticates the transaction and sends an online note which is signed by the device solving a unique algorithm. This can only be done using the private key stored on the hardware wallet. The wallet is backed by a 24 word passphrase that can be added a 25th custom word to strengthen the security.
Trezor is widely preferred by Bitcoin holders for its small size and multi-currency support feature.

Key features of Trezor

Disadvantages of Trezor

3. KeepKey wallet

KeepKey official cryptocurrency wallet (Screenshot: KeepKey)
KeepKey is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet that was developed using Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) technology to safely store users’ private keys. The wallet has a 256 X 64 pixels OLED screen with an anodized aluminum case and a poly-carbonate front. Despite its high price, Keepkey offers better security measures and more cryptocurrency support including DASH, ETH and all ERC 20 compatible tokens.

Key features of KeepKey

Disadvantages of Keepkey

4. Ledger Blue

As a member of the Ledger series, Ledger Blue offers a high standard of security despite having a costly tag on it. The iPad shaped device starts at $300 USD per device. Due to the inflated price, most users prefer Ledger Nano S to it as they offer storage to the same number of coins.

iPad shaped Ledger Blue wallet (Image: Ledger)

Key features of the Ledger Blue

Disadvantages of Ledger Blue

5. Paper Wallets

Bitcoin paper wallet
This section has been dedicated to cryptocurrency hardware wallets hence the inclusion of paper wallets as a secure option to store your Bitcoins. Paper wallets refer to a paper that contains a private and public key to your BTC coins. The paper is printed from Bitcoin ATM’s as the only available copy and also contains the passphrase. Users should store the passphrase carefully in a different location in case you misplace the paper wallet.
There are websites that convert online wallets to paper wallets by copying keys and pasting them to a document that is then printed through one’s browser. Always delete the history of your browser afterwards or use incognito mode.

Advantages of Paper Wallets

Disadvantages of Paper Wallets


The wallets mentioned above offer the user the best options to hold your coins in a safe manner. Always store significant amounts in a hardware wallet as online wallets can be hacked and your funds stolen. Passphrase words should be stored safely in case the hardware wallet is lost or misplaced.
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[HOW TO]- Store Bitcoin On USB Stick - Guide - YouTube [HOW TO]- Store Bitcoin On USB Stick - Guide - YouTube Introducing KeepKey: Cold Storage that's Colder Cryptocurrency Cold-Storage Wallet HOW TO made Bitcoin On USB Stick Guide 2019

Far from a cold storage wallet, it saves nothing. The Bitfi hardware wallet is the blockchain interface system that is much more secure that any cold storage method. The Bitfi protocol secures billions in USD value without ever storing any sensitive data whatsoever. We believe that Bitcoin was always intended to be an un-seizable asset. FIDO U2F — This is a physical device that plugs into a USB port and requires a physical button touch to generate a unique 2FA access code. It is preferable because a hacker would need to have the device in their physical possession in order to access your account. ... In summary, bitcoin cold storage is an effective way to keep your ... KeepKey is another USB hardware wallet well worth a look if you need offline bitcoin storage. Launched in 2015, this great-looking wallet is big on security, but also quite easy to set up and use ... CoolWallet S is a mobile cold storage hardware wallet which supports multiple currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and ERC20 Tokens. It is completely wireless and comes with a unique sleek design and is extremely light-weight and also heat, cold and water resistant and is quite durable. How to create a secure ‘cold storage’ Bitcoin wallet using Bitkey. ... You should only ever insert the 'Black' USB stick when booted into the cold-offline desktop. 3. Set up your cold wallet

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[HOW TO]- Store Bitcoin On USB Stick - Guide - YouTube

If necessary, we can send the funds from the USB stick to another wallet, either Online, Cloud, or Offline cold storage. Thanks for watching! Bitcoin For Beginners on Facebook! If necessary, we can send the funds from the USB stick to another wallet, either Online, Cloud, or Offline cold storage. Thanks for watching! Bitcoin For Beginners on Facebook! We look at cold and warm storage, paper wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges and qt-wallets as places to store your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Get some free crypto 3 times daily: https ... If you store your Bitcoin at an online wallet like Coinbase or a trading exchange, THEY ARE NOT SAFE! Plain and simple! You need to create an OFFLINE wallet ... This video shows you how to encrypt a USB device to store cryptocurrency coins. It also demonstrates how to setup a Ripple/XRP wallet and encrypt the address and secret key. Finally, it will show ...