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Has anyone here used to purchase Bitcoin?

If so, how was the transaction?
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Buy bitcoin from with my credit card

I want to buy some bitcoins with my credit card, did anyone try this site before?
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[Urgent] I need your help to compile a list of all companies that support, use, or are planning on using BlackCoin.

I'll start with one, then will need your help to compile a list. I need it for a document I am working on now.
Payment Processing
Cold Storage
Market Place
I will update as more come in.
If you are a representative, or owner of a company please send me your e-mail in a PM. I need you to tell me why you chose BlackCoin.
~ Gritt
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Places that accept Blackcoin

As started by Gritt, i want one clean topic i will keep up-to-date and linked in the sidebar.
Helpful Links
Location of places acception BC/operating BC CoinKite terminals:
BC related links/services etc.: (currently offline, 12.08.2014)
Payment Processing
BlackCoin Retailers (Sell BC directly for FIAT)
Cold Storage/Cards/Wallets
Market Place
  • Papa Romano's pizzeria and Mr Pita in Troy, MI
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Sushil Kedia: Market Outlook Kedia Currency Morning Podcast as on Jul 14, 2020 Bitcoin की कहानी  Stock market Basics for beginners in Hindi  Episode-11  Sunil Minglani Kedia Capital KTRADE Fund Widrawal Outlook On Soybean By Mr. Ajay Kedia, Director, Kedia Commodity: Ticker TV

Under coronavirus, markets have validated that Bitcoin cannot store your value because Bitcoin is a source of liquidity and cannot be uncorrelated to main markets during crises. If your margin position in a stock is off, you can sell Bitcoin to cover the position and be at parity. Simply, Bitcoin becomes a liquid asset. Bitcoin was the first coin quantity created in 2009. Thereafter, there has been a rapid increase in the number of cryptocurrencies cases that have created some of them Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash, Ripple etc. Bitcoins, in India, are slowly gaining popularity, in view of the government’s efforts to move towards a non-monetary economy. Kedia, of DevelopTech, is forthright, “It is very risky, and one should tread with caution. There is a grey market for bitcoins that is doing good business. The concept will Shared as received - gaskiya.. Alas, for crypto fans, the answer came as a resounding no when slides of Goldman's presentation, dryly titled "US Economic Outlook & Implications of Current Policies for Inflation, Gold and Bitcoin," leaked on social media. Sandeep Kedia Creator of The Life Reloaded, Director of Soulwave Foundation, Blockchain & Bitcoin Enthusiast, Traveller, Change-maker Entrepreneur, Sustainable Living Enthusiast Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 500+ connections

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Sushil Kedia: Market Outlook

Mr Vijay Kedia discusses the life failures that led him to his success. He discusses the benefits of investing in the stock market through his own life examp... Subscribe now for more! Reality star Dawn Ward believes we should all be able to show off on social media and people should feel inspir... #SunilMinglani #StockMarketForBeginners Market Pathshala Episode-11....In this episode, Sunil Minglani explained about Bitcoin...What is bitcoin? ... Vijay Kedia Portfolio - Duration: 23:19. What is zarfund why should join in zarfund how its work hindi and urdu video spend 0.03 BTC And Earn 57 Lac Low Cost No risk join My Teem And get spillover $ Guaranteed $ ज़ारफंड ... Published on Dec 3 , 2019 Outlook On Soybean By Mr. Ajay Kedia, Director, Kedia Commodity: Ticker TV Soyabean ended with gains due to fresh buying in physical markets by millers amid weak supplies ...