How do I create a shopping cart that accepts Bitcoin ...

Hello everyone, please check out our shopping cart solution which uses BitPay for receiving Bitcoin payments if anybody is interested in a plug and play solution for their website.

Hello everyone, please check out our shopping cart solution which uses BitPay for receiving Bitcoin payments if anybody is interested in a plug and play solution for their website. submitted by plugnpaid to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Hello everyone, please check out our shopping cart solution which uses BitPay for receiving Bitcoin payments if anybody is interested in a plug and play solution for their website.

Hello everyone, please check out our shopping cart solution which uses BitPay for receiving Bitcoin payments if anybody is interested in a plug and play solution for their website. submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Default English word list

Alright so, I took the default database from there and with the help of html, I extracted the words to a list separated by commas. It's useful when you want to translate those words into your native language.
Word of advice, when using google translate, do not put all words at once there, it can rapidly worsen the translation.
(And there is a last thing. Their algorithm of picking only custom words is not working really good, at least for me. Meaning that I often get duplicates, despite having a list this big and without duplicates. I'm still trying to find some solution to this, so if somebody is experiencing this as well, share the knowledge please, I will do the same.)
SOLUTION: Thanks for the reply from PepegaWR who identified the cause. I also tested it and there seems to be a custom words limit of 5000 characters. The easiest way in my opinion is to shuffle the words before each session to minimize the impact. Also thanks to the flynger who had the same idea before me :)
Finally, here it is, enjoy the scribbling ^^ :

ABBA, AC/DC, Abraham Lincoln, Adidas, Africa, Aladdin, America, Amsterdam, Android, Angelina Jolie, Angry Birds, Antarctica, Anubis, Apple, Argentina, Asia, Asterix, Atlantis, Audi, Australia, BMW, BMX, Bambi, Band-Aid, Barack Obama, Bart Simpson, Batman, Beethoven, Bible, Big Ben, Bill Gates, Bitcoin, Black Friday, Bomberman, Brazil, Bruce Lee, Bugs Bunny, Canada, Capricorn, Captain America, Cat Woman, Cerberus, Charlie Chaplin, Chewbacca, China, Chinatown, Christmas, Chrome, Chuck Norris, Colosseum, Cookie Monster, Crash Bandicoot, Creeper, Croatia, Cuba, Cupid, DNA, Daffy Duck, Darwin, Darwin Watterson, Deadpool, Dexter, Discord, Donald Duck, Donald Trump, Dora, Doritos, Dracula, Dumbo, Earth, Easter, Easter Bunny, Egypt, Eiffel tower, Einstein, Elmo, Elon Musk, Elsa, Eminem, England, Europe, Excalibur, Facebook, Family Guy, Fanta, Ferrari, Finn, Finn and Jake, Flash, Florida, France, Frankenstein, Fred Flintstone, Gandalf, Gandhi, Garfield, Germany, God, Goofy, Google, Great Wall, Greece, Green Lantern, Grinch, Gru, Gumball, Happy Meal, Harry Potter, Hawaii, Hello Kitty, Hercules, Hollywood, Home Alone, Homer Simpson, Hula Hoop, Hulk, Ikea, India, Intel, Ireland, Iron Giant, Iron Man, Israel, Italy, Jack-o-lantern, Jackie Chan, James Bond, Japan, JayZ, Jenga, Jesus Christ, Jimmy Neutron, John Cena, Johnny Bravo, KFC, Katy Perry, Kermit, Kim Jong-un, King Kong, Kirby, Kung Fu, Lady Gaga, Las Vegas, Lasagna, Lego, Leonardo DiCaprio, Leonardo da Vinci, Lion King, London, London Eye, Luigi, MTV, Madagascar, Mario, Mark Zuckerberg, Mars, McDonalds, Medusa, Mercedes, Mercury, Mexico, Michael Jackson, Mickey Mouse, Microsoft, Milky Way, Minecraft, Miniclip, Minion, Minotaur, Mona Lisa, Monday, Monster, Mont Blanc, Morgan Freeman, Morse code, Morty, Mount Everest, Mount Rushmore, Mozart, Mr. Bean, Mr. Meeseeks, Mr Bean, Mr Meeseeks, Mummy, NASCAR, Nasa, Nemo, Neptune, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nike, Nintendo Switch, North Korea, Northern Lights, Norway, Notch, Nutella, Obelix, Olaf, Oreo, Pac-Man, Paris, Patrick, Paypal, Peppa Pig, Pepsi, Phineas and Ferb, Photoshop, Picasso, Pikachu, Pink Panther, Pinocchio, Playstation, Pluto, Pokemon, Popeye, Popsicle, Porky Pig, Portugal, Poseidon, Pringles, Pumba, Reddit, Rick, Robbie Rotten, Robin Hood, Romania, Rome, Russia, Samsung, Santa, Saturn, Scooby Doo, Scotland, Segway, Sherlock Holmes, Shrek, Singapore, Skittles, Skrillex, Skype, Slinky, Solar System, Sonic, Spain, Spartacus, Spiderman, SpongeBob, Squidward, Star Wars, Statue of Liberty, Steam, Stegosaurus, Steve Jobs, Stone Age, Sudoku, Suez Canal, Superman, Susan Wojcicki, Sydney Opera House, T-rex, Tails, Tarzan, Teletubby, Terminator, Tetris, The Beatles, Thor, Titanic, Tooth Fairy, Tower Bridge, Tower of Pisa, Tweety, Twitter, UFO, USB, Uranus, Usain Bolt, Vatican, Vault boy, Velociraptor, Venus, Vin Diesel, W-LAN, Wall-e, WhatsApp, William Shakespeare, William Wallace, Winnie the Pooh, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Xbox, Xerox, Yin and Yang, Yoda, Yoshi, Youtube, Zelda, Zeus, Zorro, Zuma, abstract, abyss, accident, accordion, ace, acid, acne, acorn, action, actor, addiction, addition, adorable, adult, advertisement, afro, afterlife, air conditioner, airbag, aircraft, airplane, airport, alarm, albatross, alcohol, alien, allergy, alley, alligator, almond, alpaca, ambulance, anaconda, anchor, angel, anglerfish, angry, animation, anime, ant, anteater, antelope, antenna, anthill, antivirus, anvil, apartment, apocalypse, applause, apple, apple pie, apple seed, apricot, aquarium, arch, archaeologist, archer, architect, aristocrat, arm, armadillo, armor, armpit, arrow, ash, assassin, assault, asteroid, astronaut, asymmetry, athlete, atom, attic, audience, autograph, avocado, axe, baboon, baby, back pain, backbone, backflip, backpack, bacon, bad, badger, bag, bagel, bagpipes, baguette, bait, bakery, baklava, balance, balcony, bald, ball, ballerina, ballet, balloon, bamboo, banana, bandage, bandana, banjo, bank, banker, bar, barbarian, barbecue, barbed wire, barber, barcode, bark, barn, barrel, bartender, base, basement, basket, basketball, bat, bathroom, bathtub, battery, battle, battleship, bayonet, bazooka, beach, beak, bean, bean bag, beanie, beanstalk, bear, bear trap, beatbox, beaver, bed, bed bug, bed sheet, bedtime, bee, beef, beer, beet, beetle, bell, bell pepper, bellow, belly, belly button, below, belt, bench, betray, bicycle, bill, billiards, bingo, binoculars, biology, birch, bird, bird bath, birthday, biscuit, bite, black, black hole, blackberry, blacksmith, blanket, bleach, blender, blimp, blind, blindfold, blizzard, blood, blowfish, blue, blueberry, blush, boar, board, boat, bobsled, bodyguard, boil, bomb, booger, book, bookmark, bookshelf, boomerang, boots, border, bottle, bottle flip, bounce, bouncer, bow, bowl, bowling, box, boy, bracelet, braces, brain, brainwash, branch, brand, bread, breakfast, breath, brick, bricklayer, bride, bridge, broadcast, broccoli, broken heart, bronze, broom, broomstick, brownie, bruise, brunette, brush, bubble, bubble gum, bucket, building, bulge, bull, bulldozer, bullet, bumper, bungee jumping, bunk bed, bunny, burglar, burp, burrito, bus, bus driver, bus stop, butcher, butler, butt cheeks, butter, butterfly, button, cab driver, cabin, cabinet, cactus, cage, cake, calendar, camel, camera, campfire, camping, can, can opener, canary, candle, canister, cannon, canyon, cap, cape, cappuccino, captain, car wash, cardboard, carnival, carnivore, carpenter, carpet, carrot, cartoon, cash, casino, cast, cat, catalog, catapult, caterpillar, catfish, cathedral, cauldron, cauliflower, cave, caveman, caviar, ceiling, ceiling fan, celebrate, celebrity, cell, cell phone, cello, cement, centaur, centipede, chain, chainsaw, chair, chalk, chameleon, champagne, champion, chandelier, charger, cheek, cheeks, cheerleader, cheese, cheeseburger, cheesecake, cheetah, chef, chemical, cherry, cherry blossom, chess, chest, chest hair, chestnut, chestplate, chew, chicken, chihuahua, child, chime, chimney, chimpanzee, chin, chinchilla, chocolate, chopsticks, church, cicada cigarette, cinema, circle, circus, clap, clarinet, classroom, claw, clay, clean, clickbait, cliff, climb, cloak, clock, cloth, clothes hanger, cloud, clover, clown, clownfish, coach, coal, coast, coast guard, coaster, coat, cobra, cockroach, cocktail, coconut, cocoon, coffee, coffee shop, coffin, coin, cola, cold, collapse, collar, color-blind, comb, comedian, comedy, comet, comfortable, comic book, commander, commercial, communism, community, compass, complete, computer, concert, condiment, cone, confused, console, continent, controller, conversation, cookie, cookie jar, copper, copy, coral, coral reef, cord, cork, corkscrew, corn, corn dog, corner, cornfield, corpse, cotton, cotton candy, country, cousin, cow, cowbell, cowboy, coyote, crab, crack, crate, crawl space, crayon, cream, credit, credit card, cricket, cringe, crocodile, croissant, crossbow, crow, crowbar, crucible, cruise, crust, crystal, cube, cuckoo, cucumber, cup, cupboard, cupcake, curry, curtain, cushion, customer, cut, cute, cyborg, cylinder, cymbal, dagger, daisy, dalmatian, dance, dandelion, dandruff, darts, dashboard, daughter, day, dead, deaf, deep, deer, defense, delivery, demon, demonstration, dent, dentist, deodorant, depressed, derp, desert, desk, desperate, dessert, detective, detonate, dew, diagonal, diagram, diamond, diaper, dice, dictionary, die, diet, dig, dinner, dinosaur, diploma, dirty, disaster, disease, dishrag, dispenser, display, diss track, distance, diva, divorce, dizzy, dock, doctor, dog, doghouse, doll, dollar, dollhouse, dolphin, dome, dominoes, donkey, door, doorknob, dots, double, dough, download, dragon, dragonfly, drain, drama, drawer, dream, dress, drink, drip, drive, driver, drool, droplet, drought, drum, drum kit, duck, duct tape, duel, dwarf, dynamite, eagle, ear, earbuds, earthquake, earwax, east, eat, echo, eclipse, eel, egg, eggplant, elbow, elder, election, electric car, electric guitar, electrician, electricity, elephant, elevator, embers, emerald, emoji, employer, emu, end, engine, engineer, equator, eraser, error, eskimo, espresso, evaporate, evening, evolution, exam, excavator, exercise, explosion, eye, eyebrow, eyelash, eye shadow, fabric, fabulous, facade, face, face paint, factory, failure, fairy, fake teeth, fall, family, farm, farmer, fashion designer, fast, fast food, fast forward, father, faucet, feather, fence, fencing, fern, festival, fidget spinner, field, figurine, filmmaker, filter, finger, fingernail, fingertip, fire alarm, fire hydrant, fire truck, fireball, firecracker, firefighter, firefly, firehouse, fireman, fireplace, fireproof, fireside, firework, fish, fish bowl, fisherman, fist fight, fitness trainer, fizz, flag, flagpole, flamethrower, flamingo, flashlight, flask, flea, flight attendant, flock, floodlight, floppy disk, florist, flower, flu, fluid, flush, flute, fly, fly swatter, flying pig, fog, foil, folder, food, forehead, forest, forest fire, fork, fort, fortress, fortune, fossil, fountain, fox, frame, freckles, freezer, fridge, fries, frog, frostbite, frosting, frown, fruit, full, full moon, funeral, funny, fur, furniture, galaxy, gang, gangster, garage, garbage, garden, gardener, garlic, gas, gas mask, gasoline, gasp, gate, gem, gender, generator, genie, gentle, gentleman, geography, germ, geyser, ghost, giant, gift, giraffe, girl, gladiator, glass, glasses, glitter, globe, gloss, glove, glow, glowstick, glue, glue stick, gnome, goal, goat, goatee, goblin, godfather, gold, gold chain, golden apple, golden egg, goldfish, golf, golf cart, good, goose, gorilla, graduation, graffiti, grandmother, grapefruit, grapes, graph, grass, grasshopper, grave, gravedigger, gravel, graveyard, gravity, greed, grenade, grid, grill, grin, groom, grumpy, guillotine, guinea pig, guitar, gumball, gummy, gummy bear, gummy worm, hacker, hair, hair roller, hairbrush, haircut, hairspray, hairy, half, halo, ham, hamburger, hammer, hammock, hamster, hand, handicap, handle, handshake, hanger, happy, harbor, hard, hard hat, harmonica, harp, harpoon, hashtag, hat, hazard, hazelnut, head, headache, headband, headboard, heading, headphones, health, heart, heat, hedgehog, heel, heist, helicopter, hell, helmet, hen, hermit, hero, hexagon, hibernate, hieroglyph, high five, high heels, high score, highway, hilarious, hill, hip hop, hippie, hippo, hitchhiker, hive, hobbit, hockey, holiday, homeless, honey, honeycomb, hoof, hook, hop, hopscotch, horizon, horn, horse, horsewhip, hose, hospital, hot, hot chocolate, hot dog, hot sauce, hotel, hourglass, house, hovercraft, hug, hummingbird, hunger, hunter, hurdle, hurt, husband, hut, hyena, hypnotize, iPad, iPhone, ice, ice cream, ice cream truck, iceberg, icicle, idea, imagination, impact, incognito, industry, infinite, injection, insect, inside, insomnia, internet, intersection, interview, invasion, invention, invisible, iron, island, ivy, jacket, jackhammer, jaguar, jail, jalapeno, janitor, jaw, jazz, jeans, jeep, jello, jelly, jellyfish, jester, jet ski, joker, journalist, journey, judge, juggle, juice, jump rope, jungle, junk food, kangaroo, karaoke, karate, katana, kazoo, kebab, keg, kendama, ketchup, kettle, key, keyboard, kidney, kindergarten, king, kiss, kitchen, kite, kitten, kiwi, knee, kneel, knife, knight, knot, knuckle, koala, kraken, label, laboratory, ladder, lady, ladybug, lake, lamb, lamp, landlord, landscape, lane, language, lantern, lap, laptop, laser, lasso, laundry, lava, lava lamp, lawn mower, lawyer, leader, leaf, leak, leash, leather, leave, leech, legs, lemon, lemonade, lemur, lens, leprechaun, lettuce, levitate, librarian, library, licorice, lid, light bulb, lighter, lighthouse, lightning, lightsaber, lily, lilypad, limbo, lime, limousine, line, link, lion, lips, lipstick, litter box, lizard, llama, loading, loaf, lobster, lock, log, logo, lollipop, loot, loser, lotion, lottery, lounge, love, low, luck, luggage, lumberjack, lung, lynx, lyrics, macaroni, machine, macho, mafia, magazine, magic, magic trick, magic wand, magician, magma, magnet, magnifier, maid, mailbox, mailman, makeup, mall, mammoth, manatee, manhole, manicure, mannequin, mansion, mantis, map, maracas, marathon, marble, margarine, marigold, market, marmalade, marmot, marshmallow, mascot, mask, massage, match, matchbox, mattress, mayonnaise, mayor, maze, meal, meat, meatball, meatloaf, mechanic, meerkat, megaphone, melon, melt, meme, mermaid, message, messy, metal, meteorite, microphone, microscope, microwave, midnight, military, milk, milkman, milkshake, mime, miner, minigolf, minivan, mint, minute, mirror, missile, model, mohawk, mold, mole, money, monk, monkey, monster, moon, moose, mop, morning, mosquito, moss, moth, mothball, mother, motherboard, motorbike, motorcycle, mountain, mouse, mousetrap, mouth, movie, mud, muffin, mug, murderer, muscle, museum, mushroom, musket, mustache, mustard, nachos, nail, nail file, nail polish, napkin, narwhal, nature, navy, neck, needle, neighbor, neighborhood, nerd, nest, network, newspaper, nickel, night, nightclub, nightmare, ninja, noob, noodle, north, nose, nose hair, nose ring, nosebleed, nostrils, notebook, notepad, nothing, notification, novel, nugget, nuke, nun, nurse, nut, nutcracker, nutmeg, nutshell, oar, observatory, ocean, octagon, octopus, office, oil, old, omelet, onion, open, opera, orange, orangutan, orbit, orca, orchestra, orchid, organ, origami, ostrich, otter, outside, oval, overweight, owl, oxygen, oyster, paddle, page, pain, paint, paintball, pajamas, palace, palette, palm, palm tree, pan, pancake, panda, panpipes, panther, pants, papaya, paper, paper bag, parachute, parade, parakeet, parents, park, parking, parrot, party, password, pasta, pastry, path, patient, patio, patriot, pause, pavement, paw, peace, peach, peacock, peanut, pear, peas, peasant, pedal, pelican, pencil, pencil case, pencil sharpener, pendulum, penguin, peninsula, penny, pensioner, pepper, pepperoni, perfume, periscope, person, pet food, pet shop, petal, pharmacist, photo frame, photograph, photographer, piano, pickaxe, pickle, picnic, pie, pig, pigeon, piggy bank, pigsty, pike, pill, pillar, pillow, pillow fight, pilot, pimple, pin, pinball, pine, pine cone, pineapple, pink, pinky, pinwheel, pipe, pirate, pirate ship, pistachio, pistol, pitchfork, pizza, plague, planet, plank, plate, platypus, player, playground, plow, plug, plumber, plunger, pocket, pogo stick, point, poison, poisonous, poke, polar bear, policeman, pollution, polo, pond, pony, ponytail, poodle, poop, poor, popcorn, pope, poppy, popular, porch, porcupine, portal, portrait, positive, postcard, poster, pot, pot of gold, potato, potion, pound, powder, prawn, pray, preach, pregnant, present, president, pretzel, price tag, priest, prince, princess, printer, prism, prison, pro, procrastination, professor, programmer, promotion, protest, provoke, prune, pub, pudding, puddle, puffin, puma, pumpkin, punishment, punk, puppet, purity, purse, puzzle, pyramid, quarter, queen, queue, quicksand, quill, quilt, quokka, raccoon, race, racecar, radar, radiation, radio, radish, raft, rail, rain, rainbow, raincoat, raindrop, rainforest, raisin, rake, ram, ramp, rapper, raspberry, rat, ravioli, razor, razorblade, read, reality, reception, receptionist, record, rectangle, recycling, red, red carpet, reeds, referee, reflection, reindeer, relationship, religion, remote, repeat, reptile, rest, restaurant, retail, revolver, rewind, rhinoceros, rib, ribbon, rice, ring, ringtone, risk, river, roadblock, robber, robin, robot, rock, rocket, rockstar, roll, roof, room, rooster, root, rose, royal, rubber, ruby, rug, ruler, run, rune, sad, saddle, safari, safe, sailboat, salad, sale, saliva, salmon, salt, saltwater, sand, sand castle, sandbox, sandstorm, sandwich, satellite, sauce, sauna, sausage, saxophone, scar, scarecrow, scarf, scary, scent, school, science, scientist, scissors, scoop, score, scream, screen, screw, scribble, scuba, sculpture, scythe, sea, sea lion, seafood, seagull, seahorse, seal, search, seashell, seasick, season, seat belt, seaweed, second, security, seed, seesaw, semicircle, sensei, server, sew, sewing machine, shadow, shake, shallow, shampoo, shape, shark, shaving cream, sheep, shelf, shell, shipwreck, shirt, shock, shoe, shoebox, shoelace, shop, shopping, shopping cart, short, shotgun, shoulder, shout, shovel, shower, shrew, shrub, shy, sick, signature, silence, silo, silver, silverware, sing, sink, sit, six pack, skateboard, skateboarder, skates, skeleton, ski, ski jump, skin, skinny,, skull, skunk, sky, skydiving, skyline, skyscraper, slam, sledge, sledgehammer, sleep, sleeve, slide, slime, slingshot, slippery, slope, sloth, slow, slump, smell, smile, smoke, snail, snake, sneeze, sniper, snow, snowball, snowball fight, snowboard, snowflake, snowman, soap, soccer, social media, socket, socks, soda, soil, soldier, sombrero, son, sound, soup, south, space, space suit, spaceship, spade, spaghetti, spark, sparkles, spatula, speaker, spear, spelunker, sphinx, spider, spin, spinach, spine, spiral, spit, spoiler, sponge, spool, spoon, spore, sports, spray paint, spring, sprinkler, spy, square, squid, squirrel, stab, stadium, stage, stamp, stand, stapler, star, starfish, starfruit, statue, steam, step, stereo, sting, stingray, stomach, stone, stoned, stop sign, stork, storm, stove, straw, strawberry, streamer, street, stress, strong, student, studio, study, stylus, submarine, subway, sugar, suitcase, summer, sun, sunburn, sunflower, sunglasses, sunrise, sunshade, supermarket, superpower, surface, surfboard, surgeon, survivor, sushi, swag, swamp, swan, swarm, sweat, sweater, swimming pool, swimsuit, swing, switch, sword, swordfish, symphony, table, table tennis, tablecloth, tablet, tabletop, taco, tadpole, tail, tailor, take off, talent show, tampon, tangerine, tank, tape, tarantula, target, taser, tattoo, taxi, taxi driver, tea, teacher, teapot, tear, teaspoon, teddy bear, telephone, telescope, television, temperature, tennis, tennis racket, tent, tentacle, text, thermometer, thief, thin, think, thirst, throat, throne, thug, thumb, thunder, thunderstorm, ticket, tickle, tie, tiger, time machine, timpani, tiny, tip, tiramisu, tire, tired, tissue, tissue box, toad, toast, toaster, toe, toenail, toilet, tomato, tomb, tombstone, tongue, toolbox, tooth, toothbrush, toothpaste, toothpick, top hat, torch, tornado, torpedo, tortoise, totem, toucan, touch, tourist, tow truck, towel, tower, toy, tractor, traffic, traffic light, trailer, train, translate, trap, trapdoor, trash can, traveler, treadmill, treasure, tree, treehouse, trend, triangle, trick shot, tricycle, trigger, triplets, tripod, trombone, trophy, tropical, truck, truck driver, trumpet, tuba, tug, tumor, tuna, tunnel, turd, turkey, turnip, turtle, tuxedo, twig, type, udder, ukulele, umbrella, uncle, underground, underweight, undo, unibrow, unicorn, unicycle, uniform, universe, upgrade, vacation, vaccine, vacuum, valley, vampire, vanilla, vanish, vault, vegetable, vegetarian, vein, vent, vertical, veterinarian, victim, victory, video, video game, village, villain, vine, vinegar, viola, violence, violin, virtual reality, virus, vise, vision, vitamin, vlogger, vodka, volcano, volleyball, volume, vomit, voodoo, vortex, vote, vulture, vuvuzela, waffle, waist, waiter, wake up, walk, wall, wallpaper, walnut, walrus, warehouse, warm, wart, wasp, watch, water, water cycle, water gun, waterfall, wave, wax, weak, wealth, weapon, weasel, weather, web, website, wedding, welder, well, werewolf, west, western, whale, wheel, wheelbarrow, whisk, whisper, whistle, white, wife, wig, wiggle, willow, wind, windmill, window, windshield, wine, wine glass, wing, wingnut, winner, winter, wire, wireless, witch, witness, wizard, wolf, wonderland, woodpecker, wool, work, workplace, world, worm, wound, wrapping, wreath, wrench, wrestler, wrestling, wrinkle, wrist, writer, x-ray, xylophone, yacht, yardstick, yawn, yearbook, yellow, yeti, yo-yo, yogurt, yolk, young, youtuber, zebra, zeppelin, zigzag, zipline, zipper, zombie, zoo, zoom,
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2019 should be the year that you start your food business... Here's how (Mini-AMA all weekend)

So you love to eat. No kidding! You need to eat to live. So does everyone else. Starting a food business is fun, stressful, and it's a blast when someone you have no clue who they are likes what you made.
You have a burning desire to start a hot sauce / juice / beverage / cookie / baked goods / bitcoin gummy bear company. Basically if someone wants to put it in their mouth, you have an idea for it. So let's get to it. Break it down, from start to finish (lol, it's never done).
WARNING: This may seem as some what self-promoting, but the only thing I will say now is that I started a 3PL shipping company specifically for food items. No links to it, but you can check my post history, but I'll save you the time. I used to be a web / app developer, got tired of the grind with trying to get clients to pay, got tired, bought a food truck with ZERO experience (seriously, my first event I bought 300 loaves of bread. Used 4.5. It was pretty comical and family / friends ate sourdough for WEEKS). I brought the food truck up, had the truck, a pop-up restaurant on Las Vegas Blvd., got an offer to sell the physical truck and book of business, took it, and kept the name rights. Now I'm using my skills both in tech and food to streamline and help foodpreneurs. Take this with whatever grain of salt you want.
Also, to state real quick, DO NOT PM ME QUESTIONS... I am here to open things up so everyone can learn, so the next person looking how to start up a hot sauce company gets relevant information and not "Sent you a PM." I'm gonna be around all weekend, and want to help everyone. I'll try and make responses as detailed / personalized as I can. The more info you post, the more I can help.
Part 1: You have an idea - Great - Treat it like a start-up, because it is
Food can be unsexy. Kitchens are hot, you burn yourself, you get covered in grease, you slip on stainless steel floors (true), and every once in a while theres some knife cuts. BUT, when you know that you just bought a $20 case of potatoes (50 lb) and are selling french fries for $6 for like 3oz of potatoes, your fave words become "Would you like fries with that?"
Key 1 - Know your numbers. Go shopping. You already have your idea, so go shopping. Make a test recipe at home, solely for the purpose of cost analysis. Jump on google sheets, and list EVERY ingredient on your list, and then look at other things, which I call hidden costs.
Visible Costs - Recipe ingredients, packaging, labeling Hidden Costs - How long does it take you to cook / bake / make (labor time), how long do you need to cook it (oven wear and tear, gas, electric for mixer, etc)
You can have a ton of hidden costs beyond just the actual ingredients, and these often get overlooked. If you plan on growing the business, get a friend and your phone and take pictures of HOW YOU WANT IT DONE along each step. Create the "brand" manual for your food / baked good / sauce, etc. Is the hot sauce supposed to be chunky? Is it supposed to be smooth? Are the cookies supposed to be a 30% shade of brown for crispness, and how long did you leave it in the oven for? Those should ALL be documented. You have the time now, and you should be doing it.
Key 2 - Find your suppliers, and find about discounts
You know what you need, and retail might not be the cheapest, or it could be. Play the sales. If you are making a cookie that uses bananas, can you take advantage of price matching at Walmart vs a restaurant supply store to get a better deal and cheaper ingredients? As a smaller company / maker, this should be a good idea, as it will help you create your MVP much cheaper.
Part 2: For the love of everything holy use google to find about your licensing requirements. (I won't do this for you as part of the AMA, just an FYI).
Everyone seems to get tied up with "Can I make this soup / cookie / hot sauce." The short answer is yes, you can, and you can test it legally. It'll take a few dollars, but it's worth it because of the access you can get.
  • Start with your local city or county health department. As you can see from my name, I'm in Vegas. Southern Nevada Health District manages all of the food. They will handle the licensing for food establishments and producers. If you need some Google help, search "[my city] health department]" "[my county] health department]" and if that search returns unfruitful, then search for "[my city] cottage food laws" "cottage food laws [my city / my county]" because small producers will 90% of the time be allowed to create small batches of what are considered "non-hazardous foods" in a home kitchen with little to no oversight. WHAT THIS MEANS: You will most likely be able to bake cookies, cupcakes, make a hot sauce, MAYBE a soup, basically anything that is heated / cooked and can be left out and still be fine. There is almost zero chance your sushi delivery service will be allowed. Fun fact, you cannot serve raw bacon, but under some cottage food laws, cooked bacon is fine because it is turned into a "jerky" classification. So you need to read. I'm not a lawyer, I just like paperwork. Don't be an idiot.
  • Licensing of some sort will be a key part of you starting to get out there. Theres a semi-good chance you can sell on FB, to friends family, at a school bake sale, or even through Etsy / your own online shop without getting any kind of official letter or licensing requirements. SWAT isn't coming because you're selling grandmas cookies on Etsy, so breathe and relax. If you go to a craft show, farmers market, etc, that is when the licensing comes into play, but putting that time and effort / money into it will put you lightyears ahead of everyone else doing it out of their house. Also, fees tend to be pretty low, so you can test your idea from SOMEONE WHO IS EXCHANGING MONEY FOR YOUR GOODS AND DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS. Everyones family / spouse / friends won't really be too keen to tell you "Yo dawg, this is garbage sauce / cupcake / icing / soup" so gathering feedback on what works cheaply before you use student loans on your hot sauce idea is a good thing. Few dollars up front to keep you from doing something dumb.
  • If you are going to go through the trouble of going through licensing to go to a farmers market, etc., then please, child, have a seat and start collecting feedback. Make your product better. It's not hard. "Hey, free half cookie for an email for a survey, and when we launch, we will email you a 30% off coupon." It's not hard, survey money and google forms are free. Mailchimp is free for small accounts. Do the work, otherwise throw your money away at a strip club.
Part 3: Liability and the business
You've now established that grandma wasn't lying to you, and your bacon jerky business is viable, and you're starting to see an increase in orders. Here's what to do next, now that you've "proven the concept" beyond people who will lie to you.
  • Get an LLC / Corp. Use something like Gust Launch, Clerky, or Stripe Atlas. <--- Use google. No links. Time to use your big boy pants. Open a new tab. An LLC / Corp will allow you to set up a business bank account, so when something goes wrong (it will), you can separate your personal life from the business. It's less than $1,000, and worth every penny.
  • Get a business bank account. Credit unions are dope, but big banks work too. Also, cash is fine, but the more credit cards you process, the better. Different schools of thought on this, I just like not having to deal with cash. Some banks charge you a cash handling fee over a certain cash deposit limit (true story). I found a trick to get around this. Go to a check cashing / payday loan place, buy a money order (free usually), then deposit the money order. It's not cash. Just my $.02.
  • BUY BUSINESS INSURANCE.... It's cheap. We paid like $100 a month for $500k in coverage if memory serves me right, and scaled up based on what the client needed through umbrella policies. Our truck insurance for business was like $300 a month on the commercial vehicle. You're dealing with food, and people can get sick. Just do it. When it saves your ass down the road, message me and you can buy me a 2 for $3 Rockstar from 7-11 as a thank you.
  • WTF are you actually selling is a big thing, and regulations will play a pretty big part of this, because it may fall under some OTHER, LARGER authority. There was a post recently for someone who wanted to repackage cheese as part of a cheese of the month box. Bro, FDA and USDA are all over that. There are several agencies I would never want to run afoul of, FBI, IRS, SEC, and FDA. Seriously, you'll get smacked harder than a toddler falling out of a shopping cart if you anger any of those agencies. Use Google. Heres an example. Friend of mine wanted to start a meal prep company, and wanted to do fresh juices. Seems simple because fresh juice places are everywhere right? Not. According to FDA regulations, even for small producers, any part of a "fresh juice" derived from "any part of the fresh vegetable / fruit" was supposed to be handled and cared for according to HCAAP and be pasteurized. Now, fun fact.... Making fresh juice "to order" does not fall under these categories because it would be intended for "immediate consumption." So as long as the meal prep guys made food ahead of time, but only made the juice and bottled it same day, it would fall under these guidelines, and wouldn't be tied to a whole host of regulations and expense. Leave it overnight? Nahh, can't do it. Same day? Totally fine. LEARN TO READ, BECAUSE A SMALL CHANGE COULD SAVE YOU. I've already decided I wouldn't do good in prison, so I don't want to go to jail.
  • You'll need a corporate structure and an EIN most likely for official licenses and for tax reporting. If you're selling online, something like TaxJar is a godsend. You'll need this also if you connect to your POS system to get paid and make that monnnaaayyyyyyy....
  • Something that I've seen brought up here countless times is "well I'm getting busy but my mom / wife / grandma needs to cook in the kitchen," or the good problem to have, "I'm busy with orders because the local news station picked it up and I can't make it fast enough." You're going to want to start investigating what are called "commissary kitchens" or "rentable commercial kitchens" and again, use the googles. [my city / county] commissary kitchens. There are a ton in almost every major city (except Vegas, dunno why). Or search for "kitchens for rent by the hour." You'll get access to larger / better equipment, usually rentable all-in by the hour, so it'll help you plan and budget, because earlier you did all the recipe and timing cards so you know how long it will take (see, I'm not a complete idiot).
Part 4: Launching
HOOOLLLLYYYYYYYYY SHHHHHIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT..... You're ready to go big time, and are listening to "All I do is win" on repeat on your speakers and standing in your front yard shooting your not-a-flamethrower in the sky. Some things you should start to think about:
  • Branding is big. Have you secured the .com? You need to. There are different schools of thought on if different TLD's are okay. I say no, personally, and I won't pick a name if the .com isn't available. Work on a decent label or branding sticker. Packaging is key as well. For bottles, check out SKS Bottle. For boxes check out U-Line. You might be able to find someone cheaper locally, because shipping is a huge expense of heavy boxes / packaging (supplier to you). Check out StickerMule, Lightning Labels, or google "label suppliers." If you want the non-shiny labels, look for "matte" labels.
  • Social will be major. Not only for being able to launch your own brand, but if you ever decide to go into retail, or distribute. It's common sense in this day and age. I will tell you, that if you have a product that is consumer based, show them how to use it. Hot sauce? Start making recipes and posting them with your hot sauce. Cookies? Show different ways cookies can be given as gifts. Interact with people celebrating things. Pay attention to holidays. Bacon jerky? Go to a NASCAR event, biker rally, take pics, and interact. Give samples away. Go where your target market is.
  • Distribution. Take a listen to "Major Distribution" by 50 Cent. Great hype song. Or Go Getter by Young Jeezy. You're now the Columbians trying to get your hot sauce crack into as many hands as you can. You're selling online, spending hours packaging each bottle with care, printing labels, while you child is crying and your wife is burning rice for the 6th night in a row. Your hands smell like Kraft packaging. Bubble wrap is your defacto blanket....
A regular distributor will take your product, buy it, and resell it. They may add it to their product catalog, maybe a "hey, Massive Diablo Hot Sauce is a new sauce we are carrying, want to try it?" "Nahhhhh..." "Okay, normal hot sauce it is then." You are the owner of your hot sauce. You're the owner of your packaged cookies. You're the owner of your gluten free, purple yam potato chip. You care the most. You can go the traditional distribution route, and it can happen, but for someone to want to pick you up, you need traction. That's where a food 3PL comes into play (which is a grossly underserved market imho). You pay to rent space in a warehouse, usually by the pallet or half pallet size, pay monthly, and then you pay each order sent out. You need to make sure the numbers work for this.
You're now shipping orders more efficiently, and most likely taking advantage of their shipping discounts because of volume. Straight forward, we plug our own account details into ShipStation for FedEx and get even better rates because of the volume we do. The more you ship, if you have a loading dock, etc. all play into your rates.
Now, you've offloaded the task of shipping to someone else, and are free to focus on sales, growing the business. If you move to a co-packer (more below), your co-packer is sending your stuff to us in bulk, and we are shipping, basically moving you out of the equation almost entirely. You'll need someone who tracks lot numbers, shipment dates, and more in case of a recall, and who got what in an inventory management system (we do, hence the tech background). Temp, shelf life, FIFO, expiration dates, and breakage all are things you need to consider when working with someone.
  • Co-packers will save your sanity, your relationships, and keep you from smelling like chocolate chips or ghost peppers on date night. Because you've done your starards manual, and updated it based on tweaks, you can start searching for a co-packer. Google the meaning. It's not hard. Don't ask me what a co-packer is. Youre going to want to look at things like capacity, non-disclosure agreements, secrecy, length in business, and packaging capabilities. I know of one place here in Vegas that will do cookies, in different sizes, and will package several different ways. Not everyone will. Look for things like turn around time, lead time, graphics capabilities, and more. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but if I think of it, see the comments.
Congrats!!!!!!! You've now made the next Tabasco, Auntie Ann's Pretzels, Chips Ahoy, Sriracha, Fresh Squeezed Juice conglomerate. I expect to see all of you on store shelves, and if this helped, send me some food. I'll eat it, or my girlfriend will.
Quesadillas are sandwiches. Fight me. See you in the comments.
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Shopify Merchants Can Now Accept Bitcoin Payments via Lightning Network

Shopify Merchants Can Now Accept Bitcoin Payments via Lightning Network
News by Altcoin Buzz: Luc Lammers
Shopify, one of the biggest e-commerce platforms with over 500,000 merchants, now features a Lightning Network plug-in for Bitcoin payments.
OpenNode, a payment processor that facilitates Bitcoin payments for individuals and businesses, has built a Shopify plug-in that allows stores that use the platform to accept Bitcoin payments through the Lightning Network.
OpenNode CEO, Afnan Rahman, said about the Shopify plug-in:
“Other payment processors have failed to provide a smooth experience for both the customers and the businesses using them and we intend to improve the overall experience”
On-chain Bitcoin payments on Shopify have been possible for some time through BitPay, but OpenNode is the first company to bring cheap, split-second Lightning payments to the platform.
Currently, the plug-in features:
  • The payment amount is calculated using real-time exchange rates;
  • Allows for fee-less and instant Bitcoin payments through Lightning Network;
  • Supports traditional on-chain transactions using the new native SegWit addresses (bech32);
  • No setup or recurring fees;
  • Free Lightning Network and scheduled withdrawals.
Besides Shopify, OpenNode has also integrated with other major e-commerce platforms like OpenCart, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce.
OpenNode, founded in 2018, received an investment of $1.25 million from venture capitalist Tim Draper and early-stage investment firm Draper Associates.
According to Almeida, the continuous development of infrastructure from protocol developers would see the company grow even further.
“By 2019, we plan to be the leading bitcoin payments platform. Also, more importantly, we aim to push microtransactions onto gaming/streaming/content platform and create payment models never before possible.”
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Australian beef jerky startup partners with bitcoin

We would like to introduce ourselves to the community as OCD JERKY, “Premium quality handcrafted beef”. We admire the bitcoin community and would love to be apart of something special. After getting our business close to commercial production, we though it would be a good idea to check in and establish a friendly relationship with the community.
We started this thread to talk about the role bitcoin will play in our business, how we can better ourselves with bitcoin and to get some community feedback. We want to know your thoughts and suggestions on how we can improve our business with bitcoin. It is an amazing technology that will change the world forever. Personally, I am a bitcoin fan that has spent the past couple years obsessed with BTC and anything crypto related.
A bit about us:
We are a small startup located in Perth, Western Australia. Our company is devoted to making premium quality beef jerky. We do not add any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Only the finest herbs, spices and sauces are used to flavour prime Aussie beef. Marinated for 24hrs and charcoal filter air dried. The result is a delicious artisan beef snack. It is unlike other products and will become a market leader. The jerky is unique and with a small popular product, it is easy to ship worldwide. Bitcoin will play a central role in our payments allowing us to conduct frictionless cross border transactions. It is our preferred payment method that we can be certain there will be no reversals or associated fraud.
Positive adoption:
Our series 1 packaging (140k units) has the famous B on the back that will be seen by over 140,000 people! Our next batch will contain more information and even refer to an appropriate site, perhaps Curious snackers can learn about bitcoin and even find out how to get there hands on some. We have thrown a few ideas around and thought to drop loaded paper wallets in random packaging for lucky people. Its quite an incentive to learn about bitcoin when you have a few in your packet! Were open to ideas and can rapidly adapt our business module to accommodate. The bitcoin community has access to OCD and were listening. What can we do to help?
As you know OCD JERKY is crazy about bitcoin and we want to accept btc inside our online store! Right now we don’t know how to do this. Our site is with Squarespace and their integration is some time off. We chose them because they have nice layouts that are simple to use. After building the site, we find we can’t integrate BTC into the cart. For now we decided to set up an OTC thread and manually conduct trades on bitcointalk. It may be inefficient but it is a great opportunity to make some friends and build our reputation.
We need your help! We have looked into the options but can’t find a solution. So far we see a number of approaches that can embed a buy button or form although these options don’t allow users to select multiple items to cart. Go coin, coinbase and bitpay have been investigated but these only allow the single unit buy button as I can see. Did I miss something? Remember that with Squarespace we can’t simply plug-in a shopping cart and add BTC as payment. Stripe BTC is not yet implemented there. They really have made it hard!
We also started building a site with wordpress but found it too difficult. We had to allocate the time back to the production schedule and make do with our current site. I do agree, if we had the skills WP would be optimal design/SEO.
What are your thoughts? Our budget is stretched and we can’t afford a full build -we do have plenty of jerky so tell us your ideas!
The company : Right now we are finalising our jerky super-lab for commercial production. We are building a large control room, wiring machinery, painting, renovating and installing the kitchens. Within 3 months OCD JERKY will be in commercial production. We are currently limited to small batch until the factory is established.
If you want to find out just how good our jerky is, check out our website or chase us up on our OTC bitcointalk thread!
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WalletBit Expands its Bank Deposit Option to 42 Currencies

WalletBit now offers 42 currency options, enabling bank deposits in over 50 countries..This means the advantages of Bitcoin can be enjoyed by more than half the world's population. Many countries added in this latest expansion have never been able to sell their Bitcoins for local currency until now.
Conversion rates are locked in at the time of purchase or Bitcoin deposit. This means that you never have to worry about the Bitcoin exchange rate or where you are going to sell your Bitcoins. The process is entirely automated and you will receive weekly bank deposits in your local selected currency.
The currencies now supported by WalletBit are:
Australian Dollars (AUD), Bahrain Dinar (BHD), Bulgarian lev (BGN), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Danish Krone (DKK), Pounds Sterling (GBP), Euro (EUR), United Arab Emirate (AED), Hong Kong dollars (HKD), Indian rupees (INR), Icelandic krona (ISK), Israeli Shekel (ILS), Japanese Yen (JPY), Jordanian dinars (JOD), Kenyan Shilling (KES), Croatian kuna (HRK), Kuwait Amazing dinars (KWD), Latvian lats (LVL), Lithuanian litas (LTL), Morocco Dirhams (MAD), Mexican peso (MXN), New Zealand U.S. dollars (NZD), Norwegian Krone (NOK), Pakistani rupees (PKR), Philippinske pesos (PHP), Polish zloty (PLN), Romanian leu (new) (RON), Russian ruble (RUB), Saudi rials (SAR), Swiss francs (CHF), Singapore dollars (SGD), Sri Lankan rupees (LKR), Swedish Krona (SEK), South African Rand (ZAR), South Korean won (KRW), Taiwan Dollars (TWD), Thai baht (THB), Czech koruna (CZK), Tunisian dinars (TND), Turkish lira (new) (TRY), Hungarian forints (HUF), U.S. dollars (USD)
WalletBit is the most affordable way to accept Bitcoins worldwide. All of our currency conversion options are just 1.86%. When you add our standard Bitcoin processing rate of 0.89% you pay a total of 2.75%. All accounts include the ability to use our business tools. This includes but is not limited to Mobile Checkout, shopping cart plug-ins and our point of sale system. For more information please see
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Small PC builder - I want to accept BTC!

I sell custom built PC systems for a modest markup. A Redditor for several years, I made this account to keep my personal Reddit account private.
Here is my eBay store: (shameless plug)
I have put the "BTC accepted here" image in my auctions, but I need help figuring out an easy way for my online customers to pay with BTC.
Ideally whatever solution I use would be easy to use locally, as many of my repeat clients are in my city. Perhaps something with an Android wallet app. (Coinbase?)
I will turn only a minimum of BTC sales into fiat as some of my suppliers also accept BTC, and I would like to store assets in Bitcoin.
I know some folks prefer escrow when paying with BTC, and of course eBay does not yet have a "Pay with BTC" option when creating listings.
I was thinking about using Coinbase but after looking at some of the posts here regarding their user agreement, I am not so sure.
How about Bitpay? Would there be an easy way to refer someone to pay with Bitpay from my ebay auctions? Or should I open a separate website and link to there from eBay? I have no problem purchasing a URL. I would probably want to use a shopping cart of some kind if this was the case.
I am a subscriber here and have been reading about BTC/LTC since 2011. I have a basic understanding of the BTC protocol, but something still hasn't clicked about making sales. Will folks buy from me without escrow or "buyer protection"? I realize reputation is everything, but is it really that strong?
I wish I accepted BTC yesterday, but better late than never, eh? Any assistance that the community can give would be much appreciated! TO DA MOON!
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I'd love to accept dogecoin for my boardgame on Shopify, but can't figure out how to do it well…

I know I probably won't get a tight integration, but I'd love to incorporate dogecoin as a payment option in the shopping cart. I'm unsure if it's possible without using a Shopify plug-in which, as of yet, does not exist for dogecoin.
I already accept bitcoin through bitpay, but dammit that's just not as much fun.
Any ideas, shibes?
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Introducing BIPS – The Free EWallet and Merchant Solutions Provider

Bitcoin Internet Payment System (BIPS), the free Bitcoin service, has just launched. BIPS unleashes the full power of Bitcoin - making merchant processing fees a thing of the past and giving traditional payment processors a run for their money. Created for merchants and end users alike, the Bitcoin world will never be the same. Based out of Denmark, BIPS is brought to you by the same team as WalletBit - a name you can trust. Visit and get started today.
Users have the option of signing up using an existing Facebook, Twitter or Google account. This means you won't have to remember another password unless you want to. For those of you who like to do things the old fashioned way, we have a traditional sign up method.
Our free eWallet service is the most secure in existence today. When you sign up for a BIPS account your password is stored as a heavily salted SHA-512 hash. This means your BIPS password is more secure than most banking sites. BIPS also enables you to add up to three factors of authentication to prevent unauthorized access to your account. This includes Secure Card technology pioneered by WalletBit and Google Authenticator.
BIPS is the first major Bitcoin gateway to offer merchant tools completely for free. As long as you keep your balance as Bitcoins then you pay zero processing fees. You only have to pay if you want to cash out to your local currency.
BIPS gives you the option to automatically convert some of or all the Bitcoins coming into your account to your local currency. Any automatic conversion to local currency at the time of purchase is guaranteed at the rate it was processed for. This means you can accept Bitcoins without worrying about exchange rates.
Transfers between BIPS accounts are instant and free. The only thing you will ever be asked to pay for are our premium services such as buying, selling and cold storage. BIPS offers the most affordable Bitcoin selling rates ever offered globally. With 42 different local currency options ( BIPS offers the most cash out options anywhere. This includes daily domestic transfers to both Canada and Denmark.
BIPS combines years of Bitcoin processing experience to create the ultimate Bitcoin website. Best of all BIPS is free. Simply put, BIPS is the last Bitcoin website you will ever need.
Free Bitcoin Services
eWallet services (only pay network fees!) - Receive Bitcoin - Send Bitcoin - Transfer between BIPS accounts - Import wallet.dat
Bitcoin Merchant Tools - Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) - REST API - Shopping Cart Plug-ins (coming soon) - Mobile Checkout
Premium Bitcoin Services - Sell Bitcoin (2.5%) - Buy Bitcoin (9%) - MTGox Instant Ask (0.89%) - SMS Bitcoin (0.89%) - Cold Storage (0.89%/0.89%)
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anyone know how to integrate Bitpay checkout with Yahoo Store.

I'm a small business owner looking to accept bitcoins on my website. I use a Yahoo store platform. bitpay does not currently have a plug in for this shopping cart. would any of my fellow redditors be able to provide me with some guidance?
FYI website is and in case you want to take a look at how we have our store functioning.
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Bitcoin/crowdfunding platform for selling supplements?

I've been royally screwed over by the crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo.
I was running a campaign for an anti-aging/Nootropic supplement product that I've spent 2 years developing. It was down to the final week of the campaign which had raised thousands of dollars and was close to it's funding goal. Then one night emails and text messages started flooding in my from customers that IGG had refunded them, I checked my email and confirmed that IGG had shut me down. I received from IndieGoGo a very generically worded and obviously automated email that my campaign had been suspended.
I choose IGG as my crowdfunding platform originally because my supplement was aligned with their expressed community mission and more importantly compliant with their terms of service. So it's disappointing say the least that they pulled the plug on my campaign with no warning and no explanation. My product is very SAFE and LEGAL (in every country except Germany), to prove this I included
Numerous scientific references
Human clinical trials done on the ingredients
Thorough Biohacker reports by the current users of my product
3rd party certificates of analysis of the ingredients
Several hours of videos I've created explaining smart drugs and their mechanisms (Yes, I really am obsessive about smart drugs and this is a rabbit hole that goes deep...)
However, some of my adcopy was a bit edgy and it did include the naughty, naughty word drug at least a handful of times. I think this is why they killed my campaign.
At this point I'm looking for an Bitcoin based ecommerce platform or website shopping cart that I can sell my product through. Ideally something that meets these criteria...
a) Plug into my Joomla website for the product
b) Something that can't just be shut down because of government regulation or because of the whim of an employee.
c) Security and privacy features.
e) Crowdfunding functionality? Funding goal? Funding scale? Show number of customers supporting? Countdown timer?
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BIP39 Words list

Nothing special, just a copy of the current list (for the future) of what can be found at
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[Table] IAmA: I am one of the developers of a popular Chrome extension and we've been approached by malware companies that have tried to buy us. AMA!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2014-01-18
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
What are malware companies' motivations? As in, why install malware? What are they getting from buying an extension, and what will the malware do? In general terms, I mean. Replace you default new tab contents their search.
Replace existing links with affiliate links.
Add new affiliate text links all over the place that look similar to the double underline ones used by some publishers.
Replace ads across the internet.
Generate phantom traffic to websites a user never sees (similar to botnet)
Capture ALL browsing data including post data (many uses I could speculate on but wont get into here)
What do they offer an extension developer? Depends on the mix of where the users are but it easily adds up to a few cents per active user per day. Or they just buy the whole thing. Which makes you wonder how much more they are really making...
What were these Malware Companies' method of contact? Email? Cold Calls? If you actually spoke with one, did they sound 'Obviously Evil', or just 'Business Evil'? Usually start with an email and progress to a call. I've spoken to a few on the phone and they sound just like normal people proposing a business deal. I'm sure they've justified what they do in their own mind so they don't sound shifty or unsure at all. Mental gymnastics is an amazing thing.
How do I know you are actually a malware company that bought honey using this AMA to trick people into downloading your extension and then infecting us with malware? That's pretty meta.
Well the team here at Honey isn't hard to find. You can find out who we are and where we live pretty easily. People running malware companies are not going to use their real identity.
Favorite piece of malware? We were approached by a company that wanted us to replace all Google ads you see with their ads that look just like Google ads. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference. That one's pretty clever.
Something weird about me is that I have never clicked an ad on a website. Back when I first used the internet there was real danger that those ads were viruses and I was told by my dad not to even think if clicking them. I'm sure ad companies hate people like me. Bro, adblock.
What was the biggest offer you have had to try to buy you out? We didn't even entertain the concept of it so we never went far enough to get a price.
But the data collection company did throw a dollar figure our way. It's over 6 figures a month.
you said no? Why? We believe Honey can become the de facto software that every online shopper use when they buy things online. That's a much larger opportunity and doing anything shady will kill that potential.
Also because we're not shady people. :)
If you have 700,000 users and the company offered $100,000 they would need to make 15c per user per month on average just to break even, Probably a whole lot more to make a profit. The detailed behavior of 700K people is worth a lot more than $1.2M a year. Think about Nielsen and how many people they collect data from. The data they own makes them a $17B company. This is the type of data I'm talking about: Link to From the wikipedia page: "Use of clickstream data can raise privacy concerns, especially since some Internet service providers have resorted to selling users' clickstream data as a way to enhance revenue. There are 10-12 companies that purchase this data, typically for about $0.40/month per user."
1.2 million (could be a lot more depending on what the offer actually was) a year just to see what 700,000 people do online just sounds crazy to me.
I have a lot of respect for you guys turning down big bucks like that. Not everyone else does apparently. I get it. You see the bigger picture and dont want to make money off of people like that. Wish more people were like that. I never heard of your extension but it sounds great. Will download. How many people are on your team and was it a unanimous decision to turn it down? There are 6 of us right now. 2 full time and 4 part time. I guess like minds are attracted to each other because the decision was unanimous.
I'm not shady either, but I'm also not gonna turn down 6 figures a month. Have them write a shitty contract, then use your coding skills to write a new extension that blocks that. LOL this is probably how antivirus companies got started.
The link you gave in the OP says Honey (193)Shopping from 264,640 users. Where is the 700k number? I don't know a lot about the chrome app store. The Chrome app store number is the weekly active number. Kind of like how Facebook has 1B users total and ~50% are active on a daily basis.
Do you accept donations or anything like that? After reading this I would definitely donate towards you guys. Thanks for the offer! We do a pretty good job conserving cash so we're doing ok financially. If you are feeling generous, give some money to this awesome charity that is out feeding the homeless: Sean's Outpost
How do you tell a malware company from a legitimate one? It's pretty easy to find the legitimate companies w/ a little Google-fu. We can also tell by looking at what they want us to do. Malware companies usually want to include their code in our extension and it's impossible to see what their code will do. Legitimate companies are ok with leaving us with the control.
Sometimes it's immediately obvious. Sometimes it takes a few exchanges to figure out what they are proposing. They also don't want to waste their time so they usually get to the point pretty quickly.
Has any company been so to the point as to just straight up say "Hey, can we put some of our malware code into your extension?" or are they usually not so blunt? "Hello, we're interested in potentially buying data from your browser extension userbase. We buy anonymous clickstream and browsing behavior data from browser extensions which we use for market research."
So I emailed back and asked what kind of data they want to buy. The answer was that they need us to install a small snippet of code in our extension that will do all the data collection automatically.
What do you think of the extension HoverZoom and the whole situation with it's developer including code that collected user data in the extension? This is incredibly dangerous for the extension ecosystem in general. This kind of activity will force the platforms (Chrome store and Mozilla store) to be more and more restrictive, in turn taking away browser extension's ability to do anything meaningful. Everybody loses at the end.
It's kind of a microcosm of the Internet and its evolution: It went from people having a good time, to people trying to monetize it, to people having to wear hazmat suits to get through it safely. Dammit that's depressing.
Have any online retailers tried to get you to remove coupons? For example: If they only wanted to offer the coupon to certain customers, or delivered it through a mailing list. Nope. Online retailers understand that it's much better to keep you on the site instead of having you go off searching for a coupon. Our extension answers the "is there a coupon for my order" question for you so the chance you'll go through with the purchase is higher.
Coupons used to be a way for retailers to attract people to their site. But these days it's also a way for them to close the deal. Sites like Gap will often plaster coupon code all over their site to motivate you to buy something.
Oh my god I've been searching for website for that for months, do you have a Firefox plug in? Yup, go to w/ FF and you'll see the install button.
I was about to download Honey, but the reviews say it doesn't work on amazon. Are you guys working to fix this? Thanks for the ama Well, it does what it's supposed to do, which is apply the live Amazon coupon codes into your cart. However, Amazon uses very product specific codes so the chance of the codes matching up to the product you are buying is low. So when people hit the button and it doesn't save them money, they think Honey doesn't work.
In the future we may make money through affiliate programs similar to coupon and rebate sites or through other innovative programs that help you save even more time and money. We will always prioritize the deal that saves people the most money even if we don't get paid on it. It might cost us in the short term but it will pay off in the long term.
We don't collect or drop any cookies. But from your FAQ... We collect automatically generated information such as log data, *cookies*, device information, data about the success or failure of codes applied to your cart, and some other information collected by Google Analytics. When we wrote the FAQ we were told to be as broad as possible with what we declare. This is supposed to cover all the basis so that we don't get in trouble if we try something new and it's not covered in the privacy policy. We don't collect or drop any cookies as of today.
What's the chances of an opera or firefox extension? We have a firefox version at our website. Opera will still be a while unfortunately - working on other things like this
What do you think Google should do to combat the practice of allowing malware companies to infiltrate extensions how they have? This is a very hard problem even for someone with the resources of Google to solve. A starting point could be an improved feedback system upon extension removal like they just announced for ads.
Is the extension useless for those outside of US borders? Yes for now. :(
Supporting stores internationally is a top priority and we want to get it done in 2014.
Is there a way to report these companies? I mean like can you report them to chrome? it seems like they don't have a system for this. Is there a reason they don't deal with this kind of thing? Google doesn't have a robust system to deal with this because (I hope) this isn't a very common problem. If you have reason to believe an extension is behaving like malware, you can submit it to Google at: Link to
How many extra downloads have you seen since you've done this AMA? ~10K downloads today.
Is that 10k additional or total? I'm just wondering what the reddit bump was, essentially. That's the reddit bump only.
Tons of people complaing it didn't find them a coupon because more than likely the coupon just flat out doesn't exist at the time. Yea it hurts each time we get one of those. We're fighting an uphill battle because we're looking for coupons on something you are already going to buy instead of trying to get you to buy something you weren't planning on buying. By design it's not going to be 100%. The auto coupon feature finds people savings ~23% of the time. We want that # to be as close to 100% as possible. But to do so, we have to figure out new and innovative ways to find people savings.
Have you had any threats from said companies after refusing the offers? No they just move on to the next developer I'm sure.
How would they be able to use Honey to spread malware? It's not about spreading malware. It's about turning existing non-malware extensions into malware.
Hypothetical question: if the most evil of such companies offered you sixty billion dollars to buy you out, would you do it? For sixty billion dollars?! I would take it in a heart beat. Then I'll take $1 billion, split it 700,000 ways and send each one of our users a $1,500 check along with a letter explaining the situation. Retire with $59B and a clean conscience.
How come Honey has found me no discounts yet? :( What sites have you used it on?
Ever thought about doing the same with dogecoin in addition to bitcoin for amazon purchases? The altcoins are a little tricky because there's no payment processors that handle them. It'll be interesting to automate some type of exchange between the altcoin to btc in real-time and then push the btc through the payment processor. We'll definitely explore that.
What does your extension do? And is there an extension for the iPad version of chrome? Edit: I would look now but I'm on my phone Our extension automatically search for coupons and apply them to your shopping cart during checkout. Unfortunately mobile browsers do not currently support extension.
Are the approaching companies foreign or domestic? Surprisingly they're mostly domestic.
I'm not gonna lie, if I made a free extension and got a 6-figure monthly offer to sell out, I'm taking it. It was tempting for sure because the data they wanted isn't personally identifiable and it's mainly for research purposes. But then again we all have skills that will make us a decent living if we wanted so our primary motivation for building Honey isn't money. It was an easy call to make.
Name and shame em! These are shadowy companies that use aliases and shell companies to contact us. Naming them will have no effect. This is what keeps them safe.
Malware inc. In a world where companies give themselves honest names~
Yeah, we all know you guys aren't actually selling honey. Of course we sell Honey. Why else would we call ourselves Honey? PM me your address and we'll send you a sampler kit! Edit: This was a joke but I got a bunch of addresses. We're going to follow through and put some honey packages together. Sorry we can't afford to send them overseas because the shipping will kill us!
Aren't you.
OP you better deliver. We will! Brb, going to go buy some Honey.
How tempting was it to take big offers from malware companies and have you ever thought about doing it in the future. Not tempting at all. 1) we hate that as users, 2) we have far bigger plans for things we can build with Honey to make shopping better. So no chance it ever happens in the future.
What was your initial reaction, how did they approach you. The first time we were approached we thought it was legit. Spent some time going back and forth until we got to the specifics of what we need to do on our side. Then we realized it would turn us into a spyware.
Just want to say you guys are the only extension I run. Try out RES. You'll never get off Reddit.
You guys are awesome and honey is awesome. Such kindness Much generosity Wow EDIT: One day I'm going to look back at this comment the same way I look at my baggie jeans from the '90s.
+dogetipbot 200 doge verify.
We turned them all down. Just AWESOME. I'm going to try it out just because you guys rock. Haha I'm actually a little sad. We shouldn't be awesome because we refuse to be shady. That should be expected.
Keep talking, the more you say, the more i like you. If you are as magnificent as Gandalf's beard, we should be BFFs.
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[Build Ready] Secure PC

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks
Type Item Price
CPU AMD A4-5300 3.4GHz Dual-Core Processor $49.99 @ Amazon
Motherboard MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 Micro ATX FM2 Motherboard $59.94 @ Amazon
Memory G.Skill Ripjaws Series 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory $25.98 @ Outlet PC
Storage Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive $66.61 @ Outlet PC
Case NZXT Source 210 Elite (Black) ATX Mid Tower Case $49.99 @ Amazon
Power Supply Rosewill 350W ATX Power Supply $29.55 @ Amazon
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (OEM) (64-bit) Purchased For $20.00
Monitor Acer G236HLBbd 60Hz 23.0" Monitor $109.99 @ Newegg
Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available. $412.05
Generated by PCPartPicker 2013-05-03 07:58 EDT-0400
(Edit: Updated to Trinity CPU and compatible mobo w/ USB3.0. Case w/ 3.0 headers. Dedicated PSU. More expensive monitor.)
Hey all, first time posting a thread on BAPC. Love the sub.
Anyway, I have a bit of an unusual goal (for this sub.) I'm setting up a basic personal secure PC/server. This PC has a specific purpose: Check secure email, potentially upload/transfer ePHI (patient data), and potentially also secure online shopping/bitcoin/etc. The last one I may prefer to just use boot drives on my current PC.
The data doesn't need to be backed up or saved in duplicate via a RAID or anything, I'm just using the PC so I can communicate with other clinicians or work on write-ups from home, etc. Oh, and I'm very interested in potentially doing a health technology project later which would be optimized by my being able to store ePHI at home, including video/voice recordings.
I'm doing this because I don't want to go through the trouble of encrypting (and slowing) my current PC. Setting up an encrypted virtualized partition/OS is not sufficient (has to be whole-drive encryption.) It's institutional/governmental rules, not mine.
I've seen a few all-in-one setups ~$450 and a few basic PC setups for $350, but I can't think of much cheaper than building myself.
Last thing, I'm currently planning on going through my university to purchase Win7Ult or Win8Pro, but I'm also considering a Linux or *BSD distro, but I'm not sure if that's necessary if I have the complete drive encrypted. I don't think I need to do a double-hidden partition thing, either. Nobody's gonna try that hard to steal my patient data. One of the main factors will be ease of use and security for transferring files from my SGS3 to my secure PC (from the hospital, without using another computer, unless you know of an easy way to automatically remove files from an encrypted droid and upload them to the computer via usb... could be useful.)
Would love some suggestions, especially as to the OS choice, software for secure upload/download, or if I'm missing either similar performance for a lower price or higher performance for the same price. 1TB+ storage is necessary.
I'd describe my computer proficiency as... can do some programming, have played around with some SSH/FTP, etc., built a PC once a while ago (no issues). Not an expert otherwise, by any means.
Thanks y'all!
Random extraneous factors: PCPP recommends some online stores that don't price shipping up front, so I removed those stores. Not worth my time to try and optimize shipping costs by going to their cart every time. Also, I know I could trim off an extra $40-70 by downgrading to 1GB or 2GB RAM and a smaller HDD, etc., but I think there are diminishing returns on that level of frugality. Parts were chosen mainly by lowest price on PCPP, except with the rule out of very low performance (Essentially
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SPECTROCOIN.COM Bitcoin Exchange, Wallet, Debit Card and Merchant solution is an all in one solution for Bitcoin offering Bitcoin wallet, Bitcoin exchange, Bitcoin debit card and Bitcoin payment processing services. We serve clients in more than 150 countries and we aim to offer the highest speed at the lowest price.
SpectroCoin offers:
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We offer full support of DASH wallet as well.
Wallet API – easy RESTful API to send, receive bitcoins and DASH, exchange between currencies, initiate mass payments and more.
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Mobile top-ups – Top up your mobile phone with bitcoins in over 140 countries.
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Bitcoin OVER 9000! WILL IT STAY ABOVE? TIME TO ADD BITCOIN? Cryptocurrency Speculation 10 Wordpress Plugin Bitpay and Wp Ecommerce $4600 Bitcoin! More Bgold info, crypto-dividends! What ... How to accept Bitcoins on your Joomla shop Virtuemart Save Cart plugin (BitcoinPay) is a payment processing provider (PSP) based on virtual currency Bitcoin. BitcoinPay makes it easy for businesses to accept Bitcoins as a form of payment just like credit card, Paypal or cash. Merchant can choose to keep payments in Bitcoins or have Bitcoins converted to EUR, USD, PLN, CZK, HUF, GBP and other currencies (please contact and directly ... Category:Shopping Cart Interfaces. From Bitcoin Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Software for providing online shopping websites a method for handling payment in bitcoins. See Also. Merchant Howto; Pages in category "Shopping Cart Interfaces" The following 47 pages are in this category, out of 47 total. A. Get 78 bitcoin market plugins, code & scripts on CodeCanyon. Buy bitcoin market plugins, code & scripts from $11. Envato Market ... Tags: cart, cms, digital ecommerce, e-commerce, e-commerce management system, ecommerce, ecommerce shopping cart, eshop, market place, market place, multi vendor ecommerce, multi-vendor, multistore shopping cart ... BitPay is a leading Bitcoin payment processor based out of the US since the early days of Bitcoin in 2011. With the BitPay app, you can accept Bitcoin as payment for more than 40 integrations with popular e-commerce platforms and point-of-sale systems as well as convert it into 8 fiat currencies for bank deposits in 38 different countries.. There are also lots of other features. I need to start a website to sell and buy goods with Bitcoin. Then I need to know how to add an shopping cart system for it. Are there any CMS plugins or modules for Joomla, Drupal, or another? Or can you tell me how to add a shopping cart system for a PHP based website without any modules?

[index] [9671] [22795] [12967] [31647] [16425] [23547] [17065] [25608] [15377] [5623]

Bitcoin OVER 9000! WILL IT STAY ABOVE? TIME TO ADD BITCOIN? Cryptocurrency Speculation

#bitcoin #crypto #investing Good day investors! Today some something that I have not covered on the channel before but was a big part of my life in 2017! BITCOIN and crypto trading and investments ... You can use your Bitcoin Visa to shop online anonymously and securely. BitPlastic is a fully functional bitcoin wallet, allowing you to send and receive payments instantly and automatically. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Bitcoin hit an all-time high today and I was as calm as I ever have been for such an event (an event that happens quite often these days). $4600 is great, bu... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue